The Living Music, Leon Ndugu Chancler


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  1. Pam Sistrom says:

    Hi, CBJF,
    Last year I posted this Clifford bio on my FB page to celebrate his birthday. FB just ran it again for me. And when I listen to Clifford, it’s all about celebrating. The warmth, the fire and the virtuosity creates pure joy.
    The years when I first started listening to Clifford were in the mid-sixties and I sorely needed his message of hope and love. I dig Miles, but Clifford has always had my heart. I was so blessed. George Morrow was a friend of my then Partner, Jesse James Hawkins (trumpet). He was in between living spaces and lived with us for a year.
    These were the years I learned how much brilliance to even play jazz, how much more brilliant were Musicians like Clifford writing and composing barely out of his teens!
    How wonderful would it be if we honored our Jazz Musicians with at least posthumous recognition. Recognition that would include financial support for music in schools.
    I’m 75 now and still working as an RN on weekends, so I can’t really donate to your cause. All I have is my love for Clifford and his music.
    I’m especially drawn to the Max Roach sessions where George played bass.
    It’s a shame and a pity the way Jazz Musicians were treated in this country. The only Indigenous American Art form beside Scrimshaw.
    And they had to enter the Clubs by the back. Door?!
    I really believe if Clifford had lived, Jazz would have been listened to by a wider audience and would be given more attention in History.
    He was a very, very bright light.
    His light and love are still burning for me.

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