About The Clifford Brown Jazz Foundation

Our Mission Statement
The Clifford Brown Jazz Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to ensure the legacy of Clifford Brown and LaRue Brown Watson by promoting jazz as an art form, focusing on creating a new generation of young jazz lovers and musicians, and fostering long-term friendships between jazz lovers of all ages.

A History of the Foundation

The CBJF was founded by LaRue Brown Watson, the widow of Clifford Brown, in 1994 and successfully operated its instrument loan, educational, and fellowship programs for several years. When LaRue fell ill and moved into assisted living, the Foundation’s work came to an abrupt halt. The Foundation found a new champion in Clifford’s grandson, Clifford Brown III, and has reestablished itself as an active public charity. The majority of its original programs have been renewed and are benefiting from the tireless efforts of its board to reinvigorate their content and materials. Volunteers and donors are welcomed to participate – please just let us know what your strengths and interests are!

In the pages of the Clifford Brown Jazz Foundation site you will find information on the foundation’s programs, a list of recordings by Clifford Brown that are available on Compact Disc, and “I Remember Clifford” featuring written memories of Brownie by his friends, loved ones, and historians.

Clifford Brown: The Life and Art of the Legendary Jazz Trumpeter
Dr. Nick Catalano has written the first major and the only biography about Clifford Brown that was authorized and approved by Brown’s widow, CBJF’s founder, LaRue. Dr. Catalano is Performing Arts Director and Professor of Music and Literature at Pace University. For more information, please find the biography in stores near you. Clifford Brown: The Life and Art of the Legendary Jazz Trumpeter. Oxford University Press, 2001.


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