Jazz for KIDS

Jazz for KIDS includes several activities designed for elementary through middle school students, especially those who do not have music programs in their schools.

Interested students are invited to clinics conducted by professional and/or advanced student musicians with a focus on the history and elements of jazz. All styles of jazz music are taught, including discussions of the key musicians that developed each style, and creativity and innovation are encouraged. Beginning students participate by singing, playing basic percussion instruments, and composing a song. More advanced students participate by playing their instruments and experimenting with the variety of styles taught and with improvisation.

The integral role of technology in modern life has served to enhance learning opportunities and to broaden the realm of possibility and exploration, especially in the music arena. The CBJF offers hands-on computer workshops that allow students to explore activities relating to jazz, such as studying the technical elements of jazz and musical instruments, and the fundamentals of recording music.

The Foundation also offers school assembly programs focusing on jazz, which can be tailored to dovetail with other areas of academic interest, such as history, social studies, or art. School assembly outreach programs can help interest individual students in participating in other Foundation activities or in learning to play an instrument. Please contact us for more information about either classroom-based programs or grade-level / whole-school assembly presentations.


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